How do I change my Windows 10 Microsoft password?

Are you looking to have your Microsoft account password reset? With the aid of an easy online process, it is quite possible to change Windows 10 Microsoft password. Similarly to that, it’s not too difficult to reset the Microsoft password on Windows 10. This is the greatest time for you to learn the right information if you are not familiar with the online process to reset the Microsoft password on Windows 10.

As a result, the detailed process to Reset the Microsoft account Password on Windows 10 is as follows:

  • Find the opportunity to reset your password by visiting the official Microsoft website.
  • When you click the Reset your password link, a new box will appear. Next, choose the justifications for the password reset.
  • After that, press next and input your Microsoft email address.
  • Instead of the email address, you can alternatively provide your phone number or Skype ID.
  • Next, make sure you’re not a robot by entering the characters exactly as they are provided.
  • Next, select to receive a code from Microsoft in a registered email address by tapping next.
  • In the recovery screen that follows, enter the code you received from Microsoft.
  • Once the account has been authenticated, a page to reset your Microsoft password will then appear.
  • You must enter a different password twice in the designated fields.
  • Hit the save button once more to save this fresh Microsoft password.
  • Microsoft Password Reset on Windows 10 is therefore as straightforward as was previously stated. In addition, a technical specialist from Microsoft’s customer service department can help you successfully reset your account password.

How do I recover my locked Microsoft account?

You won’t be able to access your Microsoft account if it is locked because access is forbidden. When Microsoft notices any suspicious behavior on your account, the account is locked. It can be malware, phishing, or some other form of data theft.

How to unlock a locked Microsoft account

You must recover the account in order to regain access to your Microsoft account. The following are the recovery steps:

  • Browse the account recovery page as a first step.
  • Click next after entering your email address, Skype username, or phone number to log in.
  • You must choose a recovery method from a phone number or alternative email address in the following step.
  • Then, in order to get the code, you must provide the necessary data.
  • To prove your identity, enter the code in the field provided.
  • After your identity has been confirmed, you will have the choice of making a new password for your Microsoft account.
  • You can finally use the password for accessing the account.

To get more details about the Change Microsoft Password or Microsoft password Reset, you can contact the Microsoft Customer Care Helpline Number. The technical experts will provide assistance for all Microsoft-related queries. The contact info to reach the support is available on Microsoft’s official website Chat Now.