How to attach files in Yahoo Mail? Can’t attach documents

Why Can’t I Attach Files in Yahoo Mail

Why Can’t I Attach Files in Yahoo Mail

If you can’t attach files or photos in the Yahoo Mail app, then there’s an issue with your device settings or with the app itself. Start by using these helpful troubleshooting guides.

How to Fix the File Attachment Issue in Your Yahoo Mail Account

  • Turn off the Shockwave Flash Add-on
  • In most instances, turning off the Shockwave Flash Add-on will assist to fix the problem. To turn off Flash:
  • Chrome: In the address bar, enter “chrome:/plugins”. Find the Flash player in the list of Plugins right now. Simply turn off Flash.
  • Firefox: Open Firefox and select the main menu (three horizontal lines). Click on “Add-ons” when you see it in the menu. On the following page, look for and select “Plugins.” Disable “Shockwave Flash” by looking for it.
  • Internet Explorer: Select “Manage Add-ons” from the gear menu by clicking the icon. Select “All Add-ons” from the Show box after clicking it. Under “Microsoft Windows Third Party Application Component,” look for “Shockwave Flash.” Activate it.

Filed Restrictions

Yahoo mail is known to reject files whose names contain special characters like “!@#$%,” etc. If the name of your file contains such characters, think about eliminating them.

File Size Yahoo mail allows users to attach files up to 25MB in size. If your attachment is larger than what is required, think about changing its size.

Antivirus problem

Your anti-virus program may occasionally prevent an attachment from being uploaded to an email. It is advised that you temporarily disable it before attempting to attach the file. If you are still unable to upload the file, activate your antivirus software and search your computer for any malware or viruses that might be interfering with the attachment process.

Attach files to a Yahoo email by Yahoo Tech Support Experts  

When it comes to sending emails to clients whenever you want, a Yahoo email account is rather easy to utilize. It provides clients who find it simple to attach email service to clients instantaneously with outstanding email service. It is quite simple to attach files in Yahoo Mail and distribute them to clients with simplicity if you have a Yahoo email account. Unfortunately, if you are having issues sending emails or adding files, you need to check your internet connection, antivirus software, and the recipient’s email address as these could all be the cause of your Yahoo email account problems.

If you are unable to attach files to your Yahoo email account and have a question about how to send and attach them to your Yahoo mail account, you must read the straightforward instructions offered by our Yahoo Tech Support Experts staff, who are available to assist you whenever it is most convenient for you.


You should be able to attach files in Yahoo Mail account using the troubleshooting steps listed above. You can contact us by phone at our toll-free number (1-478-394-4844) or by email if you need any additional information on problems with your Yahoo mail account. Additionally, we provide service via LIVE CHAT.