How to Reset Microsoft Live Com Password?

Users can effortlessly send and receive emails on a variety of devices using their Microsoft Live account to access the many services offered by Microsoft and Reset Microsoft Live Com Password. One can easily use Microsoft-related services, but there are occasionally a lot of situations consumers encounter when they forget their password and then run into issues logging into their Microsoft account. They look for a means to reset the password after forgetting it.

Microsoft Customer Care Helpline Number

How to change the password on Microsoft

Have you forgotten the password to your Microsoft Live account? Then, in order to access your Microsoft Live account, you must instantly recover it. Microsoft offers a variety of methods for password recovery, all of which can be used without difficulty. However, you must be aware of the Microsoft password reset procedure if you don’t already.

For more information or if you need assistance Microsoft Customer Care Helpline Number for account recovery, call +1-478-394-4844.

Recovery procedures for Microsoft accounts:

  • Go to to access the website’s official password reset page.
  • To reset your password, enter your Microsoft Live account ID in the corresponding section.
  • Select Next.
  • Now choose the password recovery option via phone or email, where a verification number will be sent to the address you gave.
  • Then click next after entering the received verification code.
  • Microsoft will now confirm your account before directing you to the following page where you must enter your new password.
  • Then, enter a new password for your Microsoft account and confirm it by entering it a second time.
  • To finish the password reset procedure, click next.

The Microsoft password reset procedure can be easily completed using the methods listed above. If you are unable to reset your password, call Microsoft’s customer support staff for efficient assistance.

Check out the detailed procedure to recover a Microsoft account password without email

Users may be having trouble getting into their Microsoft account for a variety of reasons, including forgotten email passwords, two-step verification not working, and more. Users can use the Microsoft reset password process to quickly fix login problems. Additionally, customers looking for instructions on how to recover a Microsoft account without utilizing email can refer to the comprehensive methods listed in this post.

To recover your Microsoft account without your email, follow the instructions.

  • Visit the recovery page to change the password for your Microsoft account.
  • Continue after choosing a new password reset reason.
  • Enter the email address and phone number that was used to create the Microsoft account now.
  • Enter the captcha that is displayed on the screen, and then click “Submit.”
  • The user will then be presented with a one-time code to enter in order to confirm their Microsoft account.
  • Once finished, the user can modify and preserve their Microsoft account password.

Therefore, by following these steps, the user can quickly restore access to their Yahoo account by using the Microsoft reset password method. If a user has any issues, they can get in touch with support to get the assistance they need.

To get more details about the Forgot Microsoft Password or Microsoft password Reset, you can contact the Microsoft Customer Care Helpline Number. The technical experts will provide assistance for all Microsoft-related queries. The contact info to reach the support is available on Microsoft’s official website Chat Now.