Renew Norton Setup Product Key Using your Norton product key

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Enter Norton Product Key

Your Norton product key is an alphanumeric string of 25 characters that is shown in five groups of five characters each, separated by hyphens


Renew or activate your existing Norton device security product

If the My Norton window appears, click Open next to Device Security.Depending on your circumstance, choose one of these things:Renew a lapsed subscription: To activate now, click.Renewal of a current subscription: then click Enter Product Key after selecting Help

Norton Setup Product Key

View your Norton product key for reference

Register with your account. Select Manage My Subscriptions by placing your cursor over your profile icon.Your membership is shown immediately next to your product key

Activate Norton Utilities Premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate

Click Activate now, Norton Setup Enter the product key and click Finish activation to activate Norton Utilities Premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate.

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