Where to Go if You Forget Your Hotmail Password

To regain access to your Hotmail account, visit Microsoft’s recovery page you might be prompted to submit the answers to security questions you previously set up along the route or to provide account information to verify your identity.

Select the situation that corresponds to you on the recovery page’s initial screen, in this case,

I forgot my Hotmail password.” Then press the Next button.

Follow the instructions for inputting the characters presented on the screen after entering the address of the Hotmail account you are attempting to restore on the second screen. These characters are there to prevent software bots from hacking the website. Then press the Next button.

You have a number of options on the screen that comes next to verify your identity and take back control of your Hotmail account.

Hotmail Customer Care Number

You can set up two-step verification to send security codes to a backup email address that you may have already included in your Hotmail settings when you first protected your account. Other options include sending a text message to a mobile device, making a voice call to a landline or mobile number listed in your account settings, or receiving a security code from an app for mobile authentication like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Select the checkbox next to “I don’t have any of them” and click the Next button if none of the methods given will successfully confirm your identification. The next screen asks you to provide a different email address (or register for a new Outlook.com account) so that Microsoft can send you a security code, which will allow you to unlock your account and choose a new password at the end.

To get more details about the Forget Hotmail Password Contact Hotmail Customer Care Number (1-478-394-4844) you can connect via Chat with technical experts who will provide assistance with all your queries.